Bundles of Tumbles LLC is owned and operated by Marianne Ecanosti. Marianne has been a dance and gymnastics teacher for over 20 years has worked at many area studios and preschools and directs local recreation programs. Her area of expertise is Preschool through Grade 8.

Making Physical Fitness a Priority

In this day and age of technology and convenience, it is important to maintain physically fit children. Bundles of Tumbles is a safe, friendly environment for children to explore physical fitness while having FUN! Our 1⁄2 hour classes are geared toward teaching children safe but fun ways to stay in shape!

Mobile Gymnastics and Dance

Safe, affordable gymnastics and dance classes to add to your school’s weekly curriculum without any added stress or command on your precious time! Bundles of Tumbles provides safe classes once a week in gymnastics and dance with an emphasis on FUN!

Class Curriculum

Each class is tailored to the student’s individual needs to help develop age-appropriate coordination, and muscle development, along with basic loco-motor skills such as jumping, hopping, and skipping.